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I charge per project.  The quote I provide you is based on my careful assessment of your manuscript, relying on three main factors:

  1. word count (250 words/page),

  2. how close the manuscript is ready for publication, and

  3. the number of hours I estimate it will take to conduct two rounds of editing.

Although word count is only one factor in providing a client a quote, the following rates (for cost per page) reflect industry standards. These rates may help you to do an initial assessment of your budget. Again, the project quote I provide you will be based on the three factors above.

Line Editing
(Medium Copyediting)

Starting at

$7.00 PER PAGE 

Heavy Copyediting

Starting at

$10.00 PER PAGE 

Sample Edit

I provide a sample edit free of charge.

I use a sample of 5-10 pages from a selected section of the manuscript. I will return a sample edit on 3-5 of those pages with feedback and a quote.

For an extensive review of the levels of editing and standard fees, you are welcome to read my article: Seeking a Professional Editor