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RATES & How I Estimate Cost

I am a proud member of the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA), and rely on their base rates as guidelines for the service I provide. Because every manuscript is different, as is every author, project fees vary widely. A number of factors are carefully considered in estimating the cost of a project:

  • the specific needs of the author,

  • the type and length of manuscript,

  • the stage of development of the manuscript.


Other important factors help determine the cost of a project are:

  • subject matter, quality of writing, and complexity.


A careful consultation that considers the above factors is as important to the author as it is to me.  It is vital first-step toward a collaborative relationship based on trust, confidence, and good rapport.  


You can find EFA base rates here:

If you’d like to see a sample of my editing, I can send you five pages of a redacted revision plan I prepared for a previous client. Note that a complete revision plan can extend to twenty pages or more.

For an extensive review of the levels of editing and standard fees, you are welcome to read my article: Seeking a Professional Editor

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